Distro Dojo

500 DISTRO DOJO is growth marketing accelerator that INVESTS and TRAINS startups around the world.


Distro Dojo is an investment and training program for post-seed companies ready to level up with intensive focus on growth marketing and fundraising.

In addition to providing growth-stage funding, Distro Dojos bring companies under the guidance of on-site mentors with world-class track records in growth marketing.  

If chosen, companies will receive $100K - $250K in funding from 500 Startups, with $50K allocated to the Distro Dojo program fee.


MOAR Mentors

Distro Dojos are staffed with 2 to 6 growth mentors on site at all times, with additional mentors available remotely.

MOAR Accountability

500 Distro staff lead the program / kick your ass, closely tracking company OKRs, key metrics, and growth progress.

MOAR Channels and Coverage

500 Distro focuses on “growth as a mindset.”

Growth marketing isn’t a set of hackt-ics, though those can be fun sometimes. Scalable growth is a process of experimentation that builds growth into the structure of your organization itself.

In addition to taking a systems-approach to proven customer acquisition strategies, Distro Dojo will push you to explore untapped opportunities unique to your target market, including emerging channels like Instagram, Pinterest, video, mobile and MOAR.

Hands-on, Gloves Off

Distro Dojo is about learning by doing, not about listening to a bunch of talks and waiting for the next flood of users to arrive.


Distro Dojos are currently scheduled for London UK and Cyberjaya Malaysia with more locations to be announced soon.


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